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Huntress / Hunter Janos

Afro-Hungarian Queer American
Artist/Designer, and Community Arts Partnership teacher.

I’m an LA born, Afro-Hungarian experimental mixed medium artist/designer and black trans femme who has just has completed my degree in experimental animation at California Institute of the Arts in the Spring of 2018. I was once a Community Arts Partnership student, who began showcasing paintings across the country at a very young age, but I have since expanded my work from painting. I now create vibrant and socio-politically minded installations, synth-rap performances, and animated films that have a focus on unexpected change and the nature of perspective. I am also a youth animation and VR/graphics teacher working across LA, as is in line with my community activism ideals. I have had my original work screen on Adult Swim, at RedCat, in the BioDesign Competition at MoMA in NYC, and in various locations across LA and around the world. My work embraces the rainbow as well as afro-futurism… Oh! Yes I still paint, but now exclusively on reflective surfaces.

“One of my primary interests is the interaction between perception and reality both physically and philosophically. I intend to expand human thought with my work, and widen the lens of human perspective by helping us understand reality in a more perspective free way, and showcasing and exploring diversity and innovation."